This page will list books, Websites and other fun stuff that we think you will find interesting and useful. We will select only materials for which we have first hand knowledge.

This Monthís Books:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Mr. Ruiz, having learned at the knee of his shaman grandfather, shares his simple wisdom for our topsy-turvy world. Focusing on loving ourselves by doing your best , even as it changes all day, is a sensible replacement for expecting perfection. What a relief, all we have to do is our best at that moment!!

†-- Susan Beaird

In My Wildest Dreams - Gail Blanke

Gail invites us to 'turn off the have-to and shoulds' and enjoy at least the hearing out loud of our long buried dreams. Hers is a gentle guide and the trip is worth the effort no matter how far you journey.

-- Susan Beaird

Revolution of the Heart by Bill Shore

This is a treasure for those of us interested in NonProfits with an entrepreneurial spin. Bill is the founder of Share Our Strength (SOS), a highly successful program to fight hunger. This landmark book of 1995 is now a Bible for fundraising, not in the traditional way.

-- Susan Beaird

Resources for Success! Please visit Dr. Philip Humbertís web site for over 250 pages of articles, tips, tools and resources for your success! Thereís a free motivational screensaver, TWO free books, and be sure to subscribe to his FREE newsletter! Itís great!
Great search engine††
To find a business address/phone anywhere in the country
To find a person's address/phone anywhere in the US
American Association of University Women - promoting education and equity for all women and girls
Online Women's Business Center - interactive business training website for entrepreneurial women.

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