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Sally Williams Gorrell

My Approach to Coaching
It seems my whole life has been spent preparing for the work of coaching. Through my personal experience I found I have a natural inclination to encourage others, later in my college work in the field of social work I found myself at home working with people, then to various professional positions always helping people. Eventually I found my way to graduate school to get a Masters Degree in Social Work which led to a private counseling business. I completed my work with CoachU in December 1999.

Another aspect of my preparation for this work is the study and practice of astrology. Astrology is not an exact science, but an art that I use as a key to help my clients see their lives from the broad perspective of the lessons they are learning.

I feel that my classic, academic training and experience combined with the ancient tradition of astrology give my approach to coaching a unique depth. I accept people's beliefs without judgment which is essential in the development of trust between client and coach.

Each of us has a unique path found only through self discovery. People who hire me as their coach are ready to activate their life to live their full potential.

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